The Ugly Side of Premium Audit - The Audit Dispute

This webinar presents various examples of anticipated disputes and unanticipated disputes and provides suggestions on how to navigate difficult conversations. I have selected this topic because people skills are very important to be a successful premium auditor and we often lose sight of this while focusing on technical topics. Underwriting endures conflict over price and business appetite. Loss control has conflict with business owners over safety recommendations. And premium audit has conflict with everyone; insured's, agents and underwriters. This webinar is intended for all levels of premium audit professionals.

  • Anticipated disputes
  • Unanticipated Disputes
  • Handing difficult conversations
  • Interviewing tips

Kurt Lang is a Premium Audit Manager for the Heartland Region for Selective Insurance, which comprises of seven Midwest states. Supervises both mail and physical auditors. Much experience with audit disputes which is the basis of my webinar.