Interchange of Labor - Differences between NCCI & WCIRB

We are excited to review the rules for Workers compensation in relation to the interchange of labor between NCCI states the WCIRB (California). There are some similarities between the two, but they also have their differences. We will explain some of the basic rules for both the NCCI and WCIRB and then so through some examples that illustrate these differences. Inevitably when talking about interchange of labor, the topic of division of payroll will come up so we will also explore the rules associated with dividing wages between certain classifications. Our goal is to make clear these rules and have some interaction from the audience on what to do in certain situations.


  • Review NCCI rules regarding interchange of labor 
  • Review WCIRB rules regarding interchange of labor 
  • Review similarities and differences between NCCI & WCIRB rules

Todd Walden is currently the Director of Quality Assurance with Lowry & Associates Inc. He has been in the premium audit industry since 2006, all of which has been spent with LAI. He has spent the majority of his premium auditing career in the field as a premium auditor, he has helped to develop the educational curriculum for new auditors, he has served as a mentor to new auditors, he has been in charge of continuing education sessions within LAI, and is now overseeing the quality review of all the audits that pass through LAI. He is a member of the AIAA (Arizona Insurance Auditors Association) and currently serves on the education committee of that association.

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Interchange of Labor - Differences between NCCI & WCIR
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