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Sessions Include 

We have some outstanding presentations scheduled for the 2022 NSIPA & IAACS Annual Seminar! Topics include:

Challenging Classifications Codes,

Diversity and Inclusion,

Internet Securities,

Predictive Analytics,

And More!

Optional Events

Chris Wilkinson Honorary Golf Outing on May 1: $99

Riverboat Dinner Cruise on May 2: $89

For more details on these events click here.

COVID Guidelines 

The Annual Seminar is following the guidelines provided to NSIPA by the hotel. We will also provide any updates in our reminder emails sent just before the event occurs.

Annual Seminar - Eastern Time

All annual seminar days shall be run on Eastern Daylight Time, for Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cancellation, Substitution & Refund Policy

Registration cancellations prior to or on March 31 will incur no penalty. Cancellations between April 1 and April 14 shall be charged $50. No refunds will be made on cancellations made after April 15 because logistical implementation and forfeited fees cannot be applied to future meetings due to IRS reporting requirements.

Substitutions are $25. All substitutions must be in writing and accompanied by a completed online registration form.

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm | IAACS Board Meeting

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Exhibit Setup

2:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Registration Open

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm | Welcome Reception

Golf Outing Details - CLICK HERE

Monday, May 2, 2022

7:00 am – 5:00 pm Registration

7:00 am – 8:00 am | Pastries and Coffee

8:00 am - 8:15 am | Welcome

8:15 am - 9:15 am | Keynote - Brian Blasko

Cruisin’ Through Life™ At 35 MPH
Strategies to Keep Your Internal Engine Running Smoothly 

Life is a journey…enjoy the ride!  This exciting program offered by Brian Blasko invites you to discover and maximize your own personal potential.  Our lives and careers are like vehicles, and we are the engines that keep them running smoothly.  Come learn how to gain some “fuel” for your internal gas tank.

While traveling on this journey Brian will share a few strategies for successful leadership, motivarion and personal growth.  The strategies have all been test-driven and proven road-worthy.  Do not let life’s little road blocks keep you stuck on the side of the road.  Cme have some fun and learn how to push your pedal to the metal!  Cruisin’ Through Life At 35 MPH is a delightful road trip! 

The program content will inform participants on a variety of leadership/personal development strategies they can use everyday… 


Take more initiative in job related and personal life situations
Learn how to keep self-esteem levels “full”
Understand the positive benefits of “change”
Learn how to stay motivated and positive in your working environment
Being accountable for yourself and your clients….building character 

9:15 am – 9:20 am | Sponsor Prize Stretch Break

9:20 am - 10:20 am | Session 2 - Kevin Kramer

Predictive Analytics for Premium Audit

Selecting the type of audit to apply to expired auditable policies can be a challenge.  Many carriers employ several different criteria to help make these decisions such as premium size, number of class codes and states, industry type, new vs. renewal business, etc.  Also, budget considerations can play a role in selecting the audit type for policies. 

Accessing large historical premium audit data and applying rules and algorithms to this data can help to predict the probability of potential misclassification and misexposure of auditable policies.   

The challenges of the last two years have also forced many more audits to be completed as remote-physicals vs. physical audits.  What are the implications of this for the future? 

In this presentation we will take a high level look at how utilizing this data in the form of a predictive analytics tool can assist with premium audit type selection and possibly provide a better ROI for your premium audit dollar.   

10:20 am - 11:30 am | Brunch

11:30 am – 12:30 pm | Session 3 - Brian Blasko

Creating Your Comfort Zone
Build your Business with Client Relationship Development 

Effective communication is the “key” to successful relationship building.  In this fun-filled, informative program, Brian Blasko invites you to discover and examine the four unique personality styles that we communicate with daily.  This high-energy session will take you on an unforgettable journey into the mind of 4x4, Volvo, Sorts Car and Minivan.  Come find out what vehicle you are and more importantly…your client’s vehicle type is as well.   

During this session you will learn the characteristics and attributes of the 4 general personalities we interact with every day.  We will discuss their motivators and downfalls and what makes them tick.  This seminar will show you how to interact effectively with clients, coworkers and family members.  People are like cars and we need to be using the right KEY to start their engines. 

Using clear and concise communication
Learn the difference between communication and perception
Learn how to successfully “read” signs of connection
Create a better sales strategy by identifying your client’s personality
Learn how to resolve conflict during interpersonal communication       

12:30 pm - 12:35 pm | Sponsor Prize Stretch Break

12:35 pm - 1:35 pm | Session 4 - Simone Crawley

Diversity and Inclusion: Understanding Your Role

This session will explore important considerations for auditors in the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion from individual, interpersonal, and organizational perspectives. Bias, systemic bigotry, and inclusive language will be explored. Participants will be provided action steps and best practices applicable to the insurance industry more broadly.

1:35 pm - 2:00 pm | Networking/Exhibit Break

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | IAACS Business Meeting and Awards

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm | Session 5 - JD Rogers

Cyber Security at Work and Home

In this session JD Rogers will cover some of the key trends in the world of Cyber Security.  Our entire world has gone digital.  There are very few things we use or interact with today that do not have some form of a computer running them and connect to the Internet.  Your coffee maker, car, medical devices, work systems, and everything in between are all connected and vulnerable to attacks.  We will look at what’s happening with Cyber Security generally around the world, in insurance, and in your personal lives.  JD will also provide some practical tips to help you make better cyber judgements at work and at home.

3:30 pm - 3:35 pm | Sponsor Prize Stretch Break

3:35 pm - 4:35 pm | Session 6 - Paul Kim, WCIRB and Roxanne Walker, PCRB

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Optional Event: BB Riverboats Dinner Cruise

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

7:00 am – 3:00 pm | Registration

7:30 am – 8:30 am | Breakfast

8:30 am – 9:30 am | Session 7 - Gary Higgins, PAAS

Top 10 Questions Received by PAAS

The times are changing – with the disruptions stemming from the pandemic and advancements in technology, premium audit is now more complex than ever before. Every day, PAAS receives questions ranging from, “I just need to bounce this off somebody,” to “I’m totally lost – HELP!” During this interactive session, we’ll discuss the answers to the top 10 most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years. If you’ve attended our “Just the FAQs” sessions in the past, we’ll follow a similar format. We’ll also answer any lingering questions you may have about both workers’ compensation and general liability.

9:30 am – 9:35 am | Sponsor Prize Stretch Break

9:35 am – 10:35 am | Session 8 -  Kevin Green, NCCI

NCCI—Today, Tomorrow, & More 

The presentation will provide updates on research, filings, Basic Manual and Scopes Manual transformations, and other items of interest that NCCI is working on. 

10:35 am - 11:00 am | Networking/Exhibit Break

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Session 9 - Dan Swensen

Premium Audit -  A Fresh Look - Part Deux

He's Back...Join Dan Swensen, VP of Operations & People Development with Lowry & Associates as he educates and enlightens the group (part 2) on how to approach the auditing industry with an energized fresh look. This will be no ordinary "lecture and listen" presentation you've become accustomed to. Instead, come prepared to share and learn auditing best practices and be open to new out-of-the-box ideas to navigating this unique industry.

12:00 pm - 12:15 pm | Checkout Time/Exhibit Break

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm | Lunch

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Session 10 - Greg Rohner

Everyday Excel

In this program, we will cover functions in Excel that can enhance your daily routine in working with payrolls including the use of pivot tables, concatenate, and formulas. We'll also take an in depth look at the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions and their differences and similarities with real life examples where these functions work.

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Awards, Business Meeting, Play-To-Win Prizes and Gavel Transition 

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm | Session 11 - Kurt Lang

Challenging Workers Compensation Class Codes

In my many years of Premium Auditing, some things don’t change.  Uninsured subcontractors, uncooperative customers, overuse of the clerical code, non-segregated payroll records and (wait for it), misclassifications of business or employees.  If two codes are similar, 5437 and 5645, it is invariable the policy estimates payroll under the lower of the two codes. 

My presentation is interactive. We will be discussing my favorite (or not so favorite) workers compensation class codes that historically are misclassified.  These codes include glass merchants, carpentry, concrete, landscaping and sign manufacturing

I am the Premium Audit Manager for Selective Insurance Company and I oversee 7 Midwestern states.  I have my APA, CIPA and CPCU designation.  I have been attending NSIPA conferences for over 20 years and was President in 2015.  I am pleased to be asked as a presenter and hope my presentation is both informative and fun.

3:30 pm | Closing Remarks


Brian Blasko
Brian Blasko

Brian learned early in his teaching career that he had a knack for connecting with students in a way that was both fun and productive.  Not only did they connect with the course material being covered, Brian helped them become better students by sharing what it takes to be successful in life.  This ability was not lost on his mentor/college professor who urged him to take his show on the road.  His advice . . . “why limit yourself from impacting a handful of students when there are so many more people out there who could benefit from your positive message.” Fast forward to today and you’ll find that Brian has become one of the most sought after speakers in the country having connected with thousands through his keynotes, seminars and books.  Known for his high-energy presentation, engaging style and infectious sense of humor, Brian’s thought-provoking messages have connected with organizations and audiences of all shapes and sizes . . . from Fortune 100 companies to Ma and Pa retail shops.  Brian loves them all. Brian is also an author of two books, Cruisin' through Life at 35 MPH and Sending SignalsCruisin' through Life at 35 MPH is a companion to his popular keynote of the same name . . . a program that invites you to discover and maximize your own personal potential. In Sending Signals, Brian shares strategies and tactics for becoming a successful leader. Brian is currently working on his third book due out this fall. In addition to Brian’s master’s degree in interpersonal communication, collegiate level teaching experience and years working as a professional speaker, what makes him tick is helping people.  While some speakers talk at their audience, Brian talks with them . . . getting them involved in keynotes, seminars and workshops to discover new strategies and techniques to better themselves. Brian, a native of Youngstown, OH spends most of his time with his fabulous family (Children: Benjamin, Angelee and Natalie) and friends but can be found occasionally on the golf course working toward that perfect round.

Kevin Kramer

Kevin Kramer has served in the commercial property & casualty insurance industry since 1985, both on the carrier and vendor side. His positions include Director of Premium Audit and Premium Receivables for a carrier and Vice President of Quality Assurance, Training & Development and On-line Audit Services on the vendor side. Kevin is currently working for NEIS as Vice President of Quality Assurance & Development, including on-line audit services.  Kevin has a BA in Business Administration & Economics from Augsburg University and his MBA in Finance from University of Illinois. HIs industry designations held are APA, CIPA and PMP (Project Management Professional). 

Simone Crawley

Simone A. Crawley, founder and CEO of Crawley Cultural Consulting, is a respected subject matter expert who has helped countless organizations shift and, more importantly, prevent toxic cultures. Her expertise uniquely positions her to empower c-suite executives, HR managers, and diversity professionals to set a tone of inclusion that ensures success. Her passion underscores an understanding that the work of diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism requires buy-in. Her career includes an extensive public policy background and seven-year tenure in a state legislature. During this time, Simone also advocated for the Black electorate as President of the Ohio Young Black Democrats. At 26, Simone accepted the role of Executive Director for the Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence (MACC). Her tenure included advocating for systems change to address significant health disparities impacting diverse cultures. Simone championed the initiatives the statewide nonprofit to implement cultural competence across Ohio systems. This work motivated her to launch and expand the Crawley Cultural brand. Combining key concepts Simone coined the mnemonic device Cultural CASH (cultural competence, cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural humility). She is a highly sought after speaker and master trainer. Simone is a certified instructor of both the Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid curricula and holds a degree in Political Science from The Ohio State University.

JD Rogers

JD Rogers is the CISO at American Financial Group.  American Financial Group is committed to providing insurance products through Great American Insurance Group that help to secure a healthy financial future for individuals and businesses. We believe that specialization is the key element to the success of our organization, as we focus on serving niche industries we know well.  Placing a strong focus on security integration into business process and culture, JD serves as a security evangelist to the 36 different business units within American Financial Group, regularly conducting department-wide presentations and one-on-one conversations, as well as presenting at industry conferences such as Black Hat, SecureWorld and the Dayton Defense Conference. JD has been in information security for over 25 years.  This experience ranges across many industries, with most of the experience in the energy, manufacturing, and insurance space.  This range of exposure has given JD a unique opportunity to learn and apply security best practices to risks facing these industries. JD Rogers holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Northern Kentucky University and a Master of Science in information systems from the University of Denver. He also holds numerous designations, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist (G2700).

Paul Kim

Paul is the Managing Director of Classification and Test Audit and Contact Center for the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California.

Kevin Green 

Kevin Green is a manager with NCCI. In this role, he is responsible for the oversight of NCCI’s research and item filing teams, which are responsible for the ongoing maintenance, integrity, and evolution of many of NCCI’s manuals and classification code system. He began his insurance career in 1984, with his early years spent in claims and loss control. In 1986, he moved into the premium audit function, working in a variety of positions for several carriers, before joining NCCI in 2011. He has a BA in fine arts from The University of Maryland (Baltimore County). He is also a past president of the Insurance Auditors Association of Maryland.  During his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, going to the beach, camping, and rooting for the Orioles and Ravens.

Dan Swensen

Dan is Vice President of Operations and People Development at Lowry & Associates, Inc. He oversees the entire remote audit operation while working closely with the Carrier Specialist Team.  As VP of People Development, he implements best practices within the different teams and departments of the company to foster enhanced synergy and cohesion. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah in Communications, Dan began working with LAI as a field auditor in 2006. In 2017, he moved into a field mentor position, then a year later was appointed Director of Learning and Development before coming into his current role. Dan has been the driving force behind LAI’s E-Learning and onboarding platform, revolutionizing auditor development and the onboarding process. He also implemented a new field support and mentoring program, including virtual mentoring sessions for field auditors.

Greg Rohner

Greg Rohner is currently the Senior Auditor-National Accounts with Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies and is based out of Chicago, IL. In this role, he performs audits mostly on larger, complex accounts nationwide. Since starting a career in Premium Audit in 1987 immediately upon graduation from Moorhead State University as an audit trainee with Brandanger and Associates, Greg has worked in a variety of field and management roles throughout his career in both vendor and carrier environments and joined Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies in September 2014.

Kurt Lang 

Kurt is the Premium Audit Manager at Selective Insurance Company of America and oversees seven midwestern states. He holds APA, CIPA, and CPCU designations. Kurt has more than 30 years of experience in premium audit management, 20 of those years as a premium audit manager with Safeco, and the past 10 years with Selective Insurance Company. He served as president of NSIPA in 2015 and has been attending NSIPA conferences for more than 20 years.

Roxanne Walker

Roxanne is the Senior Field Operations Analyst - Technical Services for the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau. She has been with PCRB for more than 16 years. The PCRB is a non-profit corporation formed in 1915 in accordance with the insurance laws of Pennsylvania and is not affiliated with the state government. The PCRB membership is comprised of all insurance carriers, including the State Workers' Insurance Fund.

Gary Higgins

Gary is the Director of Operations - PAAS, Underwriting Solutions for Verisk. Gary has been with Verisk for more than 20 years.


Connect with your peers at these fun optional events!

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1st Annual Chris Wilkinson Honorary Golf Outing

Sunday, May 1, 2022
$99 per person
Deadline to Sign Up: April 14

Join us for golf Sunday morning, May 1 at Legendary Run Golf Course in Cincinnati.  Tee times will be around 9 am to 10 am and depending on the number of participants, we could be playing a scramble, low ball team, or just play a round of golf.  If we have more than 20 golfers, we will have a small tournament and prizes will be available for first place, second place, long drive and closest -to-the-pin and raffle drawings.  In addition to golf, lunch will be provided too.  So register early!  Regardless of what format we play, we will have prizes and some will include 2022 Masters gifts!

About the Legendary Run Gold Course
Our Arthur Hills designed 6,936-yard Golf Course opened in 1997 and features four sets of tees to ensure a challenging yet fun test of golf. Scottish links-style golf courses inspired the front nine layout, which sits on 200 acres of land and features six lakes. The holes are named accordingly: Troon, St. Andrews and Turnberry, just to name a few. It's a different story on the back nine, as the layout weaves through several densely wooded areas, influenced by famous holes much closer to home, such as those found at Augusta, Winged Foot and Shinnecock Hills. Legendary Run is part of the Audubon Sanctuary Program, which enforces strict respect of the natural habitat through the design process and ongoing course maintenance program. We welcome you to experience a facility that offers country-club-caliber golf conditions, with what our management team calls "The friendliest service in the world".

What is Included
Cost is $99.00 and includes: 

  • Golf
  • Cart
  • Range balls
  • Lunch  
  • Prizes

Transportation to and from the course shall be on your own. 

4 Person Groups
Should you know who you would like to play with, please email that information to nsipa@nsipa.org. 

We will align players in 4 person groups if they are signed up with less than 4 golfers. 

Want to Sponsor?
Sponsorships are available through NSIPA Select at a cost of $200.00. A tee box sign with company logo will be displayed.  

BB Riverboats Dinner Cruise

Monday, May 2, 2022 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | $89 per person

Eat, drink, and be merry while taking in the gorgeous sights of downtown Cincinnati and the breathtaking views of the Ohio River aboard the River Queen riverboat. Enjoy appetizers and a cash bar (3 drink tickets provided) until the boat departs the dock. Once cruising and taking in the sights, chow down on the Best of Cincinnati dinner buffet and rock out to the on-board live band. Reconnect and network with your colleagues and peers on the 2-hour cruise up and down the Ohio River before returning to dock. Transportation to and from the dock and hotel will be provided.


Registration Details


  • Registration from 3/1/22 - 4/15/22: $339
  • Registration after 4/15/22: $359


  • Registration from 3/1/22 - 4/15/22: $379
  • Registration after 4/15/22: $399

Optional Events:

  • Riverboat Dinner Cruise on May 2: $89
  • Sunday Golf Outing on May 1: $99
  • For more details on these events click here
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Cancellation, Substitution & Refund Policy

Registration cancellations prior to or on March 31 will incur no penalty. Cancellations between April 1 and April 14 shall be charged $50. No refunds will be made on cancellations made after April 15 because logistical implementation and forfeited fees cannot be applied to future meetings due to IRS reporting requirements.

Substitutions are $25. All substitutions must be in writing and accompanied by a completed online registration form.

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The Annual Seminar will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Cincinnati RiverCenter.

Transportation options from the airport include taxi, Uber, Lyft, or a bus.

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Hotel Phone Number:(859) 261-8400
Guest Room Rate:$149.00 + applicable taxes (room rate is valid 3 days pre/post event based on availability)
Room Deadline:April 17, 2022
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Reservation by Phone: Individuals may make their reservations by calling (866) 344-7548 and referencing "NSIPA"


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Creating Your Comfort Zone Evaluation
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Top 10 Questions Received by PAAS Evaluation
NCCI—Today, Tomorrow, & More Evaluation
Premium Audit: A Fresh Look - Part Deux Evaluation
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